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Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer adaptive test. It is gateway to graduate programs and a fundamental step for career path. It evaluates the readiness for the graduate – level work. The GRE measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skill of an individual. The scores measures common dealings for comparing the qualification of applicants and relieve in evaluating grades and recommendation. GRE scores are used by the admissions or fellowships panel to supplement undergraduate records and other qualification for graduate studies. Candidates seeking admission in Masters Degree Program in fields other than Management are required to appear for the GRE test.

The test is further bifurcated into two broad categories:

GRE General Test: - All the prospective candidates plan to appear for the general test which measures the overall efficiency of all the subjects.
GRE Subjective Test: - The candidates appear for this examination only if it is required by their university and if they are intending to take a subjective course for their further studies.

Test Content

Section Description Time Duration No. of question Scores
Analytical Writing It measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills 45 minutes 2 Tasks (1 Issue & 1 Argument) 1-6
Verbal Reasoning It measures reading comprehension sills & verbal reasoning skills 30 minutes 30 questions 800
Quantitative Reasoning It measures problem solving ability, focuses on basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry & data solving 45 minutes 28 questions 800
Unrecorded Section This section can appear at any point of time (could be verbal / quantitative) Varies Varies Not counted
Research Section It is conducted at the end of the test Varies Varies Not counted

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