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It is globally recognized examination in order to secure admission for the pursuance of Undergraduate Degree. The test discloses the level of knowledge gather during the whole tenure of secondary and Higher Secondary Education. It tests the knowledge of reading, Writing and Math. They are similar to the one taught on every day base at the high school classrooms. Majority of the students take the test of SAT during their Junior or senior year of high school. Appearing for the test of SAT is the first step in order to locate the best and the perfect place to develop the skills and pursue the passion.

The SAT doesn’t test the logic or abstract reasoning. It tests the skills taught during school: - Reading, Writing and Math. To have knowledge in these fields is of prime importance in order to have success and glory during the tenure of the college.

Format of SAT



Time (min.)


60 (35, 25 Min.)

Multiple Choice Questions Student Written Essay

Critical Reading

70 (25, 25, 20 Min.)

Reading Comprehension Sentence Completion, Paragraph Length, Critical Reading


70 (25, 25, 20 Min.)

Five Choice Multiple Choice Questions, Student Produced Responses


3 Hours & 45 Min.

Online Mock Test

Unlimited PTE Online Mock Test